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CiviTech Consulting Group, Inc.

We Redefine Excellence in Engineering


Located at the heart of Southeast Asia where growth is at its peak, Civitech is a highly trusted engineering consultancy renowned for delivering exceptional quality engineering design work using modern technologies and innovative design strategies.

We're one of the fastest-growing multi-discipline engineering services providers, adapting quickly to clients' needs and managing projects seamlessly.

Mainly focused on Oil & Gas and Water Resources industries.

Engineering Plans


Team of Industrial Engineers

We listen intently to our clients, then turn their vision into a concrete plan with actionable recommendations to help them explore ideas and develop strategic solutions that seamlessly meet their objectives.


We make sure the client's requirements and industry standards are met in every detail with our advanced, cost-efficient design and consultation services. 

Foreman Overlooking Bridge Construction Site

We pride ourselves on our proactive strategies for efficient project management, identifying potential pitfalls before they occur, and ensuring that all involved parties work in the best way possible.

Surveyor Engineer

We offer engineering solutions that will provide the best value to the client. Our experts can also help find design process constraints to determine areas that can be improved.


We’re committed to building a better tomorrow by designing novel solutions today using state-of-the-art technology through streamlined processes. 


We stay ahead of the curve by consistently working on improving our design and finding ways to do things better every time without sacrificing quality.

We can readily adapt our services to meet clients' needs, market demands, and trends in various industries. 


We believe in being collaborative in all of our projects, ensuring that every client has the best possible experience with us. 

We are driven to achieve excellence without cutting corners. 


We guarantee that our work adheres to the standard of care expected of engineering designs. 

The quality work we do is the result of our value-focused delivery process and the professionalism exercised by each of our engineers.

Construction Workers


To be a leading multidiscipline engineering design service provider in the global marketplace by leveraging innovation, fostering teamwork, and breaking geographical barriers.


To provide clients with engineering design services in a streamlined delivery process that would positively impact a project from concept design to construction.

Geometric Ceiling


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