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CiviTech Consulting

        CiviTech Consulting Group  is a company that redefines the excellence of the engineering business. With a vision of countless opportunities and progress.


        CiviTech has a dynamic business development team and a strategic process of recruitment which are essential to its growth in terms of experience, knowledge and productivity. Inspired to make its mark in the engineering industry, the company is challenged to excel in terms of experience and integration. THE TEAM aims to bring innovation and efficiency to offer superior project management to its clients through leading industry practices. Engineering services are built on a developing foundation of operational management expertise and knowledge - giving CiviTech its versatility to handle structural design projects of varying sizes and complexity. 


Services offered

Structural Design

    Equipped with experience and breakthrough in engineering software, Civitech provides structural design services with emphasis on petrochemical and industrial structures.

Quantity Surveying

 CiviTech provides quantity surveying for building construction and specialized areas through the use of cost database and a broad view of the construction processes.

Engineer Training

   The need for superior workforce in the industry made it a necessity to prepare people for special engineering tasks. It starts by knowing the client’s industry and workforce requirement and then preparing a group of elite engineers to handle specific responsibilities. In effect, certain engineering projects that need to be addressed are managed with utmost efficiency.

Construction Management

    CiviTech focuses on delivering the proficient practice of the managerial and technological aspects of the construction industry. This ranges from construction management to construction design and advice.

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