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      Founded in October of 2005, CiviTech Consulting Group redefines the excellence of the engineering business. With a vision of countless opportunities and progress, the company was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on November 29, 2005. 

      Bound together by the founders' diverse inclinations, skills and backgrounds, CiviTech is focused on one specific goal: to be an active organization and a firm pillar in the Design, Planning and Construction Industry. 

      CiviTech has a dynamic business development team and a strategic process of recruitment which are essential to its growth in terms of experience, knowledge and productivity. Inspired to make its mark in the engineering industry, the company is challenged to excel in terms of experience and integration. The team aims to bring innovation and efficiency to offer superior project management to its clients through leading industry practices. Engineering services are built on a developing foundation of operational management expertise and knowledge - giving CiviTech its versatility to handle structural design projects of varying sizes and complexity. 

       The team focuses on the TRAINING of adept and competitive engineers TO SERVE AS ITS WORKFORCE. CiviTech's approach in acquiring engineers is through its direct recruitment, referrals and deliberate screening process. 

       We cater to the needs of our client by moulding engineers to the client's standards. 

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